My First Post

Hello to all in the blogging world!

I’m still definitely new to this and am a little confused on the layout and everything but I’ll eventually get the hang of it. It’s taken me all night (with a few breaks to make a – not so exciting – dinner and to watch a little of the Presidential debate) but I finally have a little time to write my first post.

This isn’t going to be a long one considering it’s 11:30pm and I am making a second attempt at getting up and working out in the morning before work. Doesn’t look too promising right now, but I’m pulling for myself to make a breakthrough and do it (since normally I can easily talk myself out of it). I’m just not a morning person and the thought about getting up before the sun comes up just makes me cringe. But since I feel like I get nothing else accomplished at night after work, I figured it’s time I try the whole, morning workout thing, and see how it goes. If Kyle were here I would be asleep by now, so I blame him for me staying up this late. 😉

For all of you that were wondering about Kyle, he is my fiance. He travels for work during the week throughout the tri-state area so I normally get the bed to myself. Well, at least Tuesday through Thursday. This week will be a little different though. He’s headed back home, to Ohio, for the weekend to attend the Ohio State v. Nebraska game, while I’ll be home. One of my good friends is having her bachelorette party on Saturday night and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend (especially since I won’t be able to make it to the wedding. boo 😦 ) and Kyle’s sister-in-law will also be in town this weekend. I will be meeting up with her and her friends Friday night. So unfortunately, Kyle and I won’t be in each others’ company until Sunday night. Bummer, but I’m sure the time will go by pretty quickly. Nothing like time apart to bring us closer together! I definitely hear that a lot from multiple people so I thought it was mine turn to say it! ha

Well 6:00am is vastly approaching so I better hit the hay. Night night!


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