Throw Back Thursday!!

Happy Throw Back Thursday everyone!!

I haven’t ever participated in Throw Back Thursday (yeah, you heard that right) but I’ve always wanted to so here is my FIRST EVER Throw Back Thursday photo. Image

These are my friends. Jealous right?! I knew you would be! This was from our last night together before taking off for college. What a fun night it was. Oh, memories!

It’s so crazy how much of my memory comes back from just looking at different pictures. If someone asks me on the spot about a memory from high school, I can never remember the exact details. Then when I look at a picture, the whole night could come back to me! So crazy how my brain works. This night was one that was definitely memorable. One of my favs. But then again, I have a lot of favorite memories with these girls. 🙂

Well my belly is calling for some food. I’m experimenting with some garlic garzelle (?) pasta. Not sure if I spelled it right but I’ll update you on how it goes! 🙂


Do you have a tbt memory?


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