Tuesday Night Shows

I promised you all some photos from Saturday night so here they are. DSCN1376



Oh what fun we had. These were all taken at The Kit Kat Club. Can you tell we all were a little crazy? Smile 

Moving on. Saturday before getting ready and after shopping I was trying to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. I didn’t realize I had missed five episodes from last season. I went to Hulu to watch the ones I’ve missed from last year. I got through two episodes and was going to finish the last three tonight but low and behold, the free hulu episodes have been locked and you are only able to watch them if you subscribe to hulu plus. So after seeing that I went to ABC to see if they were on there. Nope. I was so devastated tonight after witnessing that. I’m trying to find another site that offers free episodes and am unable to find anything! Anyone know of any?

Since I was unable to watch my show I decided I should be productive and do some laundry and clean up a bit. Last week I was a complete slob and didn’t do a thing. Well since Kyle’s not here AGAIN this week, I figured I should make myself useful and stop slumming around the apartment. Anyone else have days like that?

Since my laundry is about done I should probably go downstairs and get it before someone decides to take it out of the dryer and throw on the floor.

When you’re feeling in a slobby mood what do you do to motivate yourself to get up and do something?


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