Pinterest Addiction

The first step is to admit, I AM A PINTEREST ADDICT. I am on Pinterest at least twice a day. Work breaks, lunch breaks, while I’m sitting down watching TV. You name it. I have boards for crafts, outfits, CHRISTMAS, my wedding, EVERYTHING. I am addicted! A friend on Facebook made a good point. Looking at bridal magazines with all these fake weddings that are staged and all the skinny models with their posed looks doesn’t display the realness of the type of love atmosphere of a wedding. That is why girls have turned to Pinterest. Everything is real and all the wedding videos that are posted are of those that are truly in love. Point made. I recently watched a cute video of a couple that got married last year and it was adorable. You could definitely tell they were in love. I cried watching it. That’s how beautiful it was!  You watch it and tell me you didn’t find it absolutely amazing. 

On top of watching cute wedding videos and pinning a ton of wedding ideas (which a lot of my wedding inspiration has come from my boards), I have pinned a ton of Christmas crafts!! I am obsessed with Christmas. And no, not because of the gifts! I love the atmosphere, smell, decorations, and the love it brings. There is so much joy in everyone. I also love getting to spend quality time with the fam. Since we live so far away from my family now, I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with them!

But enough about Christmas since it’s still two months away. I was actually going somewhere with this post. Which is I have an obsession with fall clothes and all the cute styles I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. I mean look at how cute these are.




Can you tell I love boots, scarves and skinnies this time of year? AHHH!! Now the real question is…where am I going to find clothes similar for a decent price…not over the top, I am a millionaire, price. Any suggestions?


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