Morning Workout Successful!!!

You read that right! I finally overcame the lazy voice in my head and got myself up this morning and headed to the gym for a workout. I didn’t get a very hard workout in but I worked up a sweat and felt good after I left. I got a mile on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the circuit trainer. I’m hoping to get up earlier tomorrow so I can get some weight training in! My arms aren’t feeling as strong due to my lazy bum all last week. I was doing so good about working out 3-4 times a week for at least 45 minutes for a little over a month straight. I was starting to see results. Due to me having to walk everywhere when Kyle is gone, I got lazy last week and blamed the cold weather for not putting me in the mood to workout after work. This week my goal is to get back in the swing of things and work out in the morning so if I want to be lazy when I get home I can be.

It’s amazing how much can get accomplished by waking up early in the morning. I was able to make coffee, breakfast and my lunch all in time to leave for work and be there on exact time (at work we have flex time and you’re allowed to come in between 8:30am and 9:30am as long as you make up the time difference). I normally get to work between 8:50am and 9:00am and today I got there at 8:40am!! I was pretty excited! I’ve been obsessed with my breakfasts lately. I eat the same thing but it’s always soooo good!


This is my toasted Thomas Everything bagel with Philadelphia Garden Cream Cheese *1/3 less fat! The picture looks kinda bland but it was definitely delicious! I’ve probably had this breakfast for the past two weeks! I’ll eat one of these with a mug of coffee with Coffee-Mate Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer. This is my favorite coffee creamer! It reminds me so much of Christmas and you all know (or if you don’t, read my About section) how much I LOOVEEEE the Christmas season!! It’s a pretty filling breakfast once I drink all my coffee and eat the bagel.

It was definitely a busy day. I didn’t get off work until 6:15pm and then I needed to get my hair cut before our engagement pictures on Saturday morning. Kyle and I stopped at Hair Cuttery down the street and each time I’ve been there I have had a different person. I just haven’t found someone that I love yet. I sit down in the chair with Andrea and she was very friendly and talkative. I am trying to grow my hair out because I want it long and have always tried to grow it out but get so bored with it that I end up cutting it. This time I’m trying to stay strong and sticking to growing it long. I really want to ombre my hair and I think it only looks right with long hair. Well long story short, the lady ended up cutting my hair shorter than I wanted and she cut my bangs (which I’m trying to grow to the same length of my hair). I’m always walking out of there feelings unsure of how I feel about my hair. I’m thinking I need to find another place to get my hair done. Any suggestions?

When we got home I went straight to the kitchen and made the Three Bean Chili that I found the recipe for yesterday. Kyle offered to help me so the time could go faster and it really helped! He’s so sweet! He browned the meat and got the cup of beer (yes, I said beer) and then did the dishes in the sink so we could have more room for the stuff we were using.

A lot of ingredients went into this and if you read it you might be wondering where all the “juice” comes from. Well trust me, you won’t need any “juice” because all these ingredients provide plenty. I tweaked my recipe a little but it definitely didn’t change the flavor at all. This Pinterest recipe did us good because it had a very hearty taste and was full of flavor. I love chili that has a little kick and this definitely did.

Three Bean Chili

Again, I apologize for the poor quality picture but my phone is so convenient.

As you can tell, we made quite a bit so we’ll be eating leftovers for the rest of the week. Well, at least until Thursday night. We’re traveling to Omaha this Friday-Sunday to do some wedding planning. Kyle’s parents are flying into town to scope out a rehearsal dinner venue and to meet my parents for the first time. I’ve missed living close to my family and friends so I’m definitely looking forward to this weekend!

Now I’m off to bed. This belly is full and now I’m tired!!

Nighty night!


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