I’m Back!!

I know I know! I’ve been out of commission for a couple of weeks! Phew, it’s been really crazy!! I’ll fill you in throughout the week. I seriously don’t think I have even gotten a second to breathe. Let’s see where did we leave off last…Oh that’s right, the Monday before I left for Omaha. Well nothing really exciting happened during the week leading up to our weekend home so I’ll just start on Friday morning.

Well let’s just say that I didn’t get much sleep on Thursday night due to us being in traffic for longer than we expected. Kyle had to come back from Wisconsin and he got stuck in traffic on the way home to pick me up and we didn’t end up leaving until about 7:00…with one pit stop it put us in Crescent (my hometown) at 3:00am…yuck. We definitely went straight to bed once we arrived. It felt like once I laid down I already had to get back up. My alarm went off at 6:00am so I could get up and ready for my doctor’s appointment at 8am. Coffee was definitely in order. And my parent’s fridge was definitely ready for me with some Coffee Mate Peppermint Mocha creamer! I headed out the door right on time to get to my doctor’s appointment. Yes, I went to my doctor back home. I’m still having trouble finding a doctor out here…I guess you could say I’m nervous that I’m going to find one I don’t like or something…

After my doctor’s appointment, which went very well, I headed back home to pick up Kyle for our first wedding appointment. We headed to Wedding Memories of Omaha and met with Michael about our videography for the wedding. We got everything squared away and I can’t wait for our big day to come and make a highlight video that tells the story of our special day!

After that we went to check out the hotel that our guests will be staying at then headed off to meet my parents at our caterer to check out the food and services they provide. Special bonus, we got to taste test a few items from the menu. Oh was it spectacular! They are very reasonably priced and Sarah was a huge help! She’ll be very easy to work with! The more stuff we did the more and more excited I am for our big day!! Smile 

Kyle’s parents flight was getting in around 5:30pm so after we spent more than enough time at our catering appointment we headed to pick them up. They got in and we took them to the hotel (the same hotel everyone will be staying at in 8 months) and let them settle a little bit before walking down to the historic old market. That area is my favorite area of Omaha. It has so much history and culture there. We ended up picking Rock Bottom to eat at. It was pretty good. I definitely ate more than I should have but I felt that since I was home I could throw away normal eating habits and eat like a kid. Smile After dinner you could definitely tell Brad and Kathy were exhausted so we walked them back to the hotel and ventured to our next destination while we’re home.

I always try to see my friends while I’m back and it just so happened that I had another friend in town so we made our way to my friend Katelyn’s house and hung out there for a long while! I always love catching up with them and having some good laughs! I definitely miss that! After wanting to be home at midnight…we ended up getting home around 1 and headed to bed. We definitely had a long Saturday ahead of us and it came wayyyy to quickly.

I’ll talk more about that tomorrow. I’m headed to get the laundry then to bed so I can get up early and work out. Wish me luck!


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