Dad’s Surprise Birthday Party

Picking up from where I left off last night…

Saturday morning in Omaha, Kyle and I had my dad and mom take our engagement pictures. Kyle’s not a big picture taker and he didn’t feel comfortable having someone he didn’t know take our pictures and make him act like someone he isn’t…I told him he had to suck it up a little for our actual wedding pictures! We headed to the Old Market around 9:30am. We got a late start because 1. we didn’t get up on time and 2. we got chatty and started talking away.

Once we got downtown we didn’t hesitate to start at all. I didn’t plan my outfit based on the weather which was a big mistake on my part because I was FREEEEZING but oh well. We got some good pictures in the first outfit. Smile 

After freezing for about 30 minutes I decided to change into something a little warmer. Kyle was supposed to change as well but he decided to keep the same outfit on. And he tends to make fun of me for having to change. Whatevs. Winking smile

This is one of my favs! ^^


There’s a little preview! Smile After a short time taking pictures (I wish we could have taken a little bit more but we didn’t have time) we had to pack up and head to pick up Kyle’s parents so we could all go to the reception hall. This was the first time Kyle’s parents met my parents. It all went really well. Everyone loved the hall and they all got along just fine! Smile After that we headed to Rick’s Boatyard for some lunch. Brad and Kathy, Kyle’s parents, are wanting to have the rehearsal dinner there so we wanted to go try it out and look at the event room. We all fell in love.

At lunch the boys talked about football, Notre Dame and Ohio State, and the girls talked about my dress and everything else OTHER than sports! I even ran out to the car to show Brad and Kathy the new Ohio State shoes I got from my family for my birthday.

Forgot to mention, my birthday was Sunday and my parents wanted me to open my present a day early because they were all too excited about what they got me. A cute pair of Ohio State shoes that my sister’s friend made. Super creative! Picture to come soon!

Lunch went fairly fast because it we had to leave in a hurry to make it to our beverage appointment with my mom. That lasted a lot longer than it should have. Jim was a very nice man but he is one of those people that if you mention one thing he gets started on a story that leads to another story that leads to another, etc. We ended up being there for 2 hours. My mom and I still had to go decorate for my dad’s party! We dropped Kyle off at the hotel to hang out with his parents and then we headed home to get things done!

We had to sneak out of the house once we got home so we could go down and decorate for his surprise party. Let’s just say he was watching Notre Dame football so it wasn’t THAT hard to sneak out. The decorations were hilarious! I really need to get better at taking pictures!

The party started at 8:00pm and my sisters and I headed to the bar a little before. We told my dad that we were going to go tanning and he didn’t seem too pleased because he mentioned that everyone was leaving him at home and no one wanted to hang out. My parent’s friends John and Kay were going to be the decoy and were going to ask him if he wanted to go eat down at the bar for dinner. Of course, my dad doesn’t hesitate to say yes because he doesn’t like sitting at home doing nothing.

My sisters and I got done there with many people already there waiting. The whole place was packed with my dad’s friends. He’s definitely loved! I received a text from my mom around 8:10 and everyone got ready to surprise him. He walked in the door and had no idea! He was definitely surprised.


No one took any time before the party got started. Everyone was having a great time. And I did get a chance to snap some pictures! Smile 

(Kathy, My Grandma, My cousin, Kaitlin)

(My wonderful friends and sister)

(My dad’s family)

(My pops)

(My momma. Don’t mind my pale skin)

This was towards the end of the night. Can you tell we had a little fun?!

More updates to come! Smile


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