Two Week Recap

Okay so last time I left off with my dad’s surprise birthday party. A lot has happened in the last few weeks so I’m going to give you a short and sweet version of everything that has happened so I can get all of you caught up!

My Birthday

Sunday we didn’t do much except for go to lunch at Olive Garden for my birthday with both families. It was a lot of fun and we ate a lot of good food! I love their salad and breadsticks! YUMMMM…

We took Brad and Kathy to the airport after lunch and then we went back to my parent’s house and carved pumpkins with my sisters before we headed back home. DSCN1440(Kyle looks like a teenager in this pic…cracks me up)

The Chuburko/Querry Wedding

The next week was a big blur…we both were super tired because we didn’t get much sleep the whole weekend and it definitely caught up with us.

Friday we left to head to Ohio for a wedding for two of Kyle’s college friends. We got caught up in traffic and didn’t get to his parent’s house until after 2am. We were up and at ‘em at 8am and out the door at 10:30. Picked up JR (Kyle’s bf) and headed to Lima, OH. We arrived a earlier than expected despite a few minor detours (thanks to Kyle…). The wedding was beautiful, short and sweet. There was a short break between the ceremony and the reception so we headed to check in to our hotel room and then went over to Applebee’s to meet with a few other people to pass the time. I haven’t had Applebee’s in probably over a year! Crazy!

The reception started at 5pm at the convention center inside the hotel. How convenient! We headed down there a little after 5 and lucky enough we weren’t late at all. We were some of the firsts that arrived. After the crazy bridal party entrances, cute speeches, and some yummy food, the party really got started! A few of the girls and I busted a move on the dance floor, after a little bit of liquid courage of course, while the boys created a make-shift TV to watch the Ohio State game. DSCN1444
Boys and their football. OSU won thankfully, otherwise who knows what the mood would have been like after the game. Winking smile

I was lucky enough to get a picture with my man…can you tell we were having wayyyy too much fun? Weddings always put so much love and happiness in the air. I love it!DSCN1445
The night ended early as we were all tired from dancing…I guess you could say… Smile

The next day we got up and headed back to Chicago tired and not so ready to tackle another week of work…

Ohio State v. Illinois Game

Last week was suppppper slow…probably from lack of sleep for two whole weeks…ugh. Last weekend we were headed to Ohio once again, this time for the OSU v. Illini game. We took our friend, Kevin, with us. He used to live in Columbus and for the seven years he lived there he never attended an Ohio State game. I got off work Friday and we headed to pick him up and then were on the road.

We arrived in Ohio a little after 1am…record timing. I was exhausted so I headed to bed. I was up at 8:30 and ready to head out the door by 9:30am. We parked a ways away but a little walking never killed anyone. On our walk to the stadium Kevin spotted a Raising Cane’s. Kyle and I have never been before so we stopped there for a quick bite before heading towards the stadium. Man, am I glad we stopped. It was delicious. It’s known for having the best chicken strips…man are they right!! Delish!

After our quick bite we headed to the River Watch tailgate area and grabbed a couple of beers while we waiting for Kyle’s friend to get to his tailgating spot. They had some good music and it was great for people watching! Winking smile


This was the first game I was able to wear my new shoes I got for my b-day!

Cute aren’t they?

We headed to meet up with one with Kyle’s brother and a few others before heading into the game. The seats were awesome and they game was a blowout. Smile I think Kevin thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Poor Kevin’s face got overtaken by the glare of sunlight. Sad smile

This one is good though! Smile

After the game we headed to Tommy’s subs so Kevin could try one of the best subs in Columbus then headed back to Marion. On the way we stopped at our friend’s, Kyle and Kendra’s house, for a bit before ordering some House of Hunan for pickup and then making our way back to Brad and Kathy’s. House of Hunan is delish and I definitely devoured some. We watched the rest of the football games then off to bed we went.

Sunday we drove back to Chicago, stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and football then came home and RELAXED. I can not stress that enough…it was good to be home at a decent hour with enough time to nap and still get up for dinner and not feel like I didn’t do anything but drive all day. The time change definitely helped as well. What would we do without that?

Now it’s the work week and it’s going by slowwwww…this weekend I definitely look forward to relaxing and having no travel plans, or no plans for that matter! Feels good! Smile


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