That’s right…I’m up early enough to post before work!! Write that one down in the books!! Woo hoo!!

Last night I mentioned banshee in my post, but definitely spelled it completely wrong. I mentioned I didn’t know if it was a real thing or not, so I looked it up right after I posted. Welp, everyone, it is a word. Not exactly what I thought it would be…it’s actually kind of depressing…

Banshee – is a female spirit in Irish Mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. (from Wikipedia, yes I use that site)

How depressing huh?! Still confuses me why people use the phrase “sweating like a banshee’”. I guess some things you just can’t explain. Unless you know? Winking smile

Anywho, so Saturday I had a craft day with my two favorite girls here in Chicago. Last month we talked about how much we all LOVEEEE Christmas and how there are so many cute craft ideas on Pinterest that would make for good gifts or decorations. After deliberating and finding a good day and ideas, we got together and put these cute crafty ideas together.

It was only supposed to be an afternoon of fun but after all the fun music (90’s throwback) and a few drinks in us, we made it an all day and night thing! Which didn’t bother me at all. The guys got together and had a guys night so they were all occupied and we didn’t have to worry about them.

We were very hard at work with our first creation…

Hardworking ladies.

Our second creation was by far our favorite. We made tons and tons and tons of cute coasters.

Aren’t these cute.

While crafting and drinking we got hungry and ordered Leona’s. A new restaurant I haven’t had yet and let me tell ya, it was AMAZINGGGG!! The hamburger I had was soooo juicy and good and the mozzarella sticks were so cheesy and delicious. I will definitely be visiting that place again soon with Kyle. Smile 

The night ended around 1am, as there were tons of yawns filling the room. It was such a great girls day and we’re definitely going to make it a tradition! Thanks girls for such a fun girls day!! Love you both!


Do you doing any traditions for Christmas with any family or friends?


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