Emotional Tuesday I Suppose…

So I’ve been away for the past three months…my sincere apologies. I’ve been super busy with wedding planning, finding an apartment, moving into that apartment, and many things in between. I know that shouldn’t be an excuse but life does get in the way of things sometimes.

I have slowly realized that I make too many excuses as to why I don’t do things. My new year’s resolution this year was to get rid of can’ts and make more cans. Before the year started my friend Jessica mentioned how the three of us (Kati, Jessica and myself) should sign up for a half marathon. We all live in different places and it would be a great first girls trip. Jessica has never been an avid runner but she wanted something to make her work hard and get in shape before her wedding in March. I’ve always liked running and the most I’ve ever ran was a 10k. After careful consideration, and a huge discount deal, we all decided to sign up for the Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon. I’ve heard many great reviews about it and I think it will be a lot of fun and will definitely be something I can cross off the bucket list. I would have never thought of actually doing a half marathon but turning the can’t into a can made me change my decision. After signing up for the half I couldn’t stop myself from signing up for more wacky races with my friends around the city.

I have learned over the past few months that life goes by wayyy too quickly and if you don’t do things that will make you happy then you’re just going to regret it as life goes on. It literally feels like it was January just yesterday! With everything that I’ve been working on the past couple months it’s really made the time go by super fast. I mean, mine and Kyle’s wedding is literally just around the corner! Only 73 more days!! We’ve been in the city a little over a year now and it seems like just yesterday we moved.

The marriage preparation leader said a really great thing this weekend. “If you don’t make yourself happy, then you can’t make you marriage happy. The more unhappy you are with yourself, the less energy you bring to your relationship.” I wasn’t very happy with myself last year. I was a debbie downer, I wasn’t very consistent with working out, and I didn’t keep in touch with my friends as much as I should have. Realizing this has made me want to change  that this year and from now on. So that is what I have done so far!

Yeah everyone has their ups and downs but I would rather have way more ups than downs and I would rather love myself and love others than to hate myself and ruin my relationship with others. I don’t think many people see how much that can effect your life…it’s definitely something to think about…