While rambling on about my life you will definitely hear about my family. I would be nowhere without them. I am a big family person and can’t go a day without emailing, texting or calling at least one of them! Let’s break it down.

My Mom 

I don’t know what I would do without this crazy, funny, insane, woman. She has helped me out through everything! She is a very strong woman and has taught me how to overcome many obstacles in life. She is the youngest of four sisters. Each and every one of them are alike. They are all crazy. But I love them. They are big winos and that is what makes me love wine so much, I guess! Love spending time with this woman. You could definitely call me a momma’s girl!

My Pops

This is my favorite man. He is the most quirkiest, dorkiest, funniest, guy I have in my life. He has taught me to be determined with what I want and work hard for it. Every time I am in a bad mood or feeling down he is always the person to cheer me up. He has taught me to live life to the fullest and to not sweat the small stuff. Although, he sometimes needs to take his own advice! 😉 I miss seeing this man everyday but definitely make the most out of our time together when I’m home.


My Sisters

These two are my best friends. When we’re together we’re super crazy and dorky and I love it. We definitely complete each other when we’re together. They are always there for me and I can go to them for anything. We have so much fun together and no matter what we fight about it’s done and over within 10 minutes. They’re both so determined on what they want and I love them for that. They make me such a proud big sister.


My Husband

One of the best things that has come into my life! He makes me such a better person and makes me laugh everyday. He is such a hardworking and caring individual and he would do anything to make a great life for us. He puts up with me and my moods and is honest with everything he says. He laughs at his own jokes and likes to have a good time. He’s such a dork and I love him for it. I’m so thankful that I get to call him my husband.



Our crazy nut of a dog. He’s new to our new family but we already love him and he loves us (can ya tell?). He’s definitely a quirky, spunky, insane little dog that keeps us on our toes. Although he’s little terror right now, he still brightens my day when I get home!


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